justin gershenson-gates  A MECHANICAL MIND recycled watch parts jewelry and sculptures
2/1/14 A family of clockwork mechanical arthropods is awaiting adoption, including the new and amazing Spider No 45 and Mantis No 17!  Remember, Mantis No 17 is on special auction at Ebay...get a good deal for a great cause!
2.7.14 Pincer is coming... While you wait, check out the last of the hearts for Valentine’s Day!`
2/9/14 Clockwork Scorpion No 8, now more correct anatomically!  Ready for purchase right now.  Will ship in 2-3 days when larger size 4”x4” glass display dome arrives.
2/17/14 Lurker, brother to Skulker, Slinker and Stalker, as well as Dragonfly No 8, have arrived in the store!
mechanica hand necklace
2/19/14 Mechanical Spider No 47 now for sale!
2/22/14 Scavenger is the latest evolution of the Stalker archetype.
2/27/14 Latest Heart necklaces available.
3.3.14 Watch your back, Strangler has arrived.
mechanica hand necklace
3.8.14 Spring is here!  New birds have flown in, and hearts have followed.
3.25.14 Slasher is stalking his way into the store right now.
3.28.14 Two new creatures have ventured into our little world...find them on Etsy now!
mechanica hand necklace
4.2.14 Splitter’s dual personas have arrived in the store.
4.4.14 Due to an abundance of springs, we have a Jellyfish and a swarm of flying insects around a watch dial petaled flower.
4.9.14 Broke three lightbulbs before giving up and trying something new with Sipder No 49.  Now on Etsy!
4.10.14 Something extra special for the 50th Spider.  Now for sale.
4.11.14 Spiders Nos 51 and 52 crawling into your arachniphobic nightmares right now!
mechanica hand necklace